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Why Your Business Needs A Responsive Website ?

  • Thursday, January 09 2014

Digital marketers must contend with a tidal wave of new mobile devices. Today’s buyers are accustomed to consuming content through multiple device types with varying screen sizes, resolutions, and interaction models which means your “always-on” buyers can engage with your brand where, how, and when they desire. But that opportunity to engage every hour of the day and night, through every device they choose, carries a risk for you. Ask yourself: Is my message consistent across all device types? How can I deliver an optimal user experience through the devices and platforms that matter most to my customers?

Responsive design is a web design approach that leverages one content base and one codebase to render content across multiple screen resolutions, device types, and interaction models. By designing multiple layouts or “breakpoints”, a single site is enabled to serve virtually thousands of different phones, tablets, and desktop experiences.

We can provide an overview of the benefits, costs, risks, and opportunities of responsive web design. From determining whether a responsive design is what’s needed, to capturing the ROI of your responsive design project, we walk you through the key decision points and considerations when you’re contemplating a responsive design initiative. Contact us to learn:

The key factors that are driving the adoption of responsive design
- An approach to content strategy that is uniquely suited to responsive redesign efforts
- Key differences between responsive and adaptive design
- Ways to avoid the common misperceptions that can lead to stalled implementations or mismatched expectations when shepherding a responsive design project through an enterprise deployment

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